"Our vision is to create a world where personal information is shared, verified, & monetized in a secure, consent driven manner."


Create a zero raw data emission digital eco system where data consumers and providers share insights instead of PII.

Create a frictionless marketplace where consumers share insights about themselves with businesses to obtain services and monetize their data.

Meet the Core Team

Anirban Basak

CEO & Founder

Thomas Hardjono

Chief Scientist & Co-Founder

Arkadiusz Stopczyniski

Data Scientist & Co-Founder

Vincent Zhou

VP Engineering

Bill Growney

Corporate Counsel

Eric Sellars

IP Counsel

Michael Brown

Chief Security &
Compliance Architect

In collaboration with MIT Connection Science

Advisory Board

Mike Rasic

CFO | Ernest Inc.

Rick Hutley

Program Director | University of the Pacific

Alex "Sandy" Pentland


Richard Whitt

President | GLIA Foundation

Rick Siebenaler

CTO | Deloitte Advisory