Job Openings


​You are:

  • Able to code fluently in at least one of: Java, C#, C/C++, Go, OCaml/F#.

  • Able to code fluently in at least one of: Javascript, Python, PHP, Perl, Ruby.

  • Comfortable with seed-stage startup risk and reward.

  • Self-motivated and able to go from basic requirements to design and hands-on implementation with minimal guidance.

  • Respectful of other team members and willing to engage in engineering debates with focus on implementable solutions.

  • Willing to assist in building the team through interviewing, provide guidance to new team members and aid in developing our internal processes and practices.

  • Non-political, practical with a positive attitude.



Desired Background:

  • 5+ years of experience writing highly scalable and available distributed systems, databases, web services and virtualized applications.

  • Proven ability to bootstrap a complex product consisting of web apps, distributed software and mobile apps from scratch.

  • Desire and ability to design and write the code (i.e. be an architect and an implementor).

  • Experience building production blockchain applications. (Nice to have)

  • Fintech /HFT experience. (Nice to have)

  • Experience with identity management. (Nice to have)


Your Mission:

  • Co-create and own the architecture and design of FortifID's entire software product.

  • Select programming languages, libraries, frameworks and tools to be used.

  • Implement fundamental parts of the FortifID product.

  • Lead by example to institutionalize good development practices like continuous integration, code coverage analysis, minimization of technical debt and clean code to create a safe, quality product.

  • Blog about our product and its technologies. (Optional)

  • Drive any relevant standards development. (Optional)


Desired Background:


  • 5+ years experience working on products with strong security and privacy requirements.

  • Solid understanding of and experience implementing applied cryptography, including symmetric and asymmetric cryptography, key management, PKI, hardware root of trust and threat modeling.

  • Experience with OpenID Connect/SSO/SAML 2.0 software.

  • Experience working on products in the enterprise or consumer identity industry.  (Optional)

  • Experience with decentralized/self-sovereign identity systems. (Optional)


Your Mission:

  • Design and implement the identity-related parts of the FortifID product.


Desired Background:

  • 5+ years experience working in scalable distributed systems and related technologies such as messaging/queueing protocols, reliability engineering, software upgrades and versioning.

  • 2+ years experience working with VMs, containers and orchestration of distributed container/VM-based software.

  • Solid fundamentals and proved experience in applied cryptography, decentralized systems, applied blockchain and smart contracts.


Your Mission:

  • Co-design and implement the FortifID distributed processing platform, designed to scale to thousands of queries/operations per second, where the query processing may consist of a combination of edge and cloud processing.






Desired Background:

  • Solid fundamentals and proven experience writing the applied cryptography, decentralized systems, blockchain and smart contracts parts of shipping products.

  • Must be able to evaluate different blockchains to select applicable blockchains and learn the required contracts languages quickly.

  • Must be able to do threat modeling of the selected blockchain, smart contract language(s) and related protocols.

  • Experience implementing identity on blockchain. (Nice to have)


Your Mission:


  • Design and implement the blockchain-related parts of the FortifID product.






Desired Background:

  • Experience developing distributed web applications.

  • Expertise with RDBMS and noSQL DBs, in-memory data stores, message queues, WebSockets, REST, Web app architecture, distributed app security and multitenancy.

  • Experience with container-based or VM-based systems. (Optional)


Your Mission:

  • Design and implement the FortifID web app, API and components of its backend.

  • Co-develop the FortifID distributed processing platform.






Desired Background:

  • Proven expertise working with multiple SQL and noSQL databases, ETL, data analytics.

  • Experience integrating multiple silos of data to provide high transactions-per-second queries of the available data.

  • Experience with federated/virtual databases, data lakes, data hubs. (Preferred)

Your Mission:


  • Design and develop the FortifID interface to multiple backend data providers, enabling data science on combined data sets.





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