FID Insights - A ‘ION’ (insights only) platform engineered for a zero raw data emission digital eco-system.

Improve operational efficiency and reduce cost of verifying data and its management cost with FID Insight solutions that delivers actionable insights without exposing raw data. The ‘ION’ platform includes 4 foundational constructs ‘Privacy’, ‘Trust’, ‘Insights’, ‘Compliance’ and is built around the “Trust::Data Consortium” framework from MIT Connection Science. 

FID Insight Solutions

FID Consumer Insights

Is the person who they claim to be? Verify and authenticate a consumer’s self reported information.

FID Small Business Insights

Is the small business who they claim to be? Know your business for identity and financials.

FID Income Insights

Is the person’s self reported ability to pay correct? Verify the consumer’s employment and income.

Working with FortifID is easy

Select the FID solution that best meets your business needs

FID professionals will work with you to customize if you want

Call our single API that is simple, secure, fast, and insightful

Platform will source relevant providers and classify insights

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